Is available for retreats, courses and workshops from May to October.

We can accommodate groups of up to 40 people in eleven houses (based on 2 or 3 guests per bedroom). Ideal for:

  • Painting
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Meditation
  • Italian Language
  • Theatre
  • Sculpture
  • Cookery
  • Yoga
  • Creative Writing
  • Mask Making & Performance
  • Singing


Prices are negotiable

and will vary depending on the size of a group and the time of year but as a basic idea, accommodation will be around £70 – £140 per person per week. Food, room hire and classes, if required, will be extra.

We have five group spaces of varying sizes, three outdoor and two indoor.

  1. Our large secluded grassy terrace on the mountain side of A Retreat with a View, with uninterrupted mountain views. Terrace size: 12 x 8 metres (approx.)
  2. A larger public terrace to the right in front of A Retreat with a View. Although public, this large grassy terrace is peaceful and set slightly above the path that passes by leading to our houses.
  3. On the other side of the path are the ruins of a beautiful ancient church. The church no longer has a roof and is grassy inside. The large space inside can also be used for workshops and performances. Although open air, there will be areas of shade for most of the day.
  4. House 2 (Margherita) can be used as a communal house for meals and group work space. Kitchen/Dining room size: 5 x 4 metres (approx.) Room upstairs (group space) size: 5 x 4 metres (approx.)
  5. There is also the option on hiring a large room (can accommodate 100 people seated) in the village nursery school, which has been recently restored. The school is situated at the entrance to Baiardo, so is within easy walking distance of A Retreat with a View. There is a restaurant/bar below for refreshments. Hiring this space costs around £35 (Sterling) per day.


There are 2 grocery shops in Baiardo village and groups are welcome to purchase and prepare their own food. Larger supermarkets can be found in San Remo, which is 25km from Baiardo.

Alternatively, we can provide food for groups to prepare their own breakfasts, consisting of: cereal, bread, yogurt, cheese, biscuits, fruit (dried and fresh), juice, tea, herbal teas, coffee etc. We can then arrange for lunch and/or dinner to be taken at the restaurant in the village from €13-€15 (Euro) per person per meal. This is just 5 minutes away from A Retreat with a View on foot.


We are happy to arrange Italian Language and Italian Cookery classes for groups or individuals, both take place in the village.

  • Italian Language: practical, functional Italian language, taught through activities, games and drama. Please let me know if you are interested in these classes as I will need to check the availability of the teacher.
  • Italian Cookery: simple, local dishes. Pasta and pasta sauces and Pizza cooked in a traditional wood fuelled pizza oven.

This information is to give you an idea of what we have to offer at A Retreat with a View. Please email me with any questions or specific requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.