The village

A Holiday in Baiardo

This is a place for you to think, read, write, play, practise, paint…a place to be what you choose at the pace you choose.

Baiardo is home to 2 restaurants, a cafe pâtisserie, 3 grocery shops, a bar, a post office, a telephone box and a central church with regular services.

In the afternoon, if you shade your eyes from the sun as it bounces off the sea and over the valleys and smaller mountains, you can  see the French Alps rising more than 3000 metres above sea level.

If you wish to be alone, perfect, if not the people of the village are open and warm. There are plenty of hikes into the mountains and to the surrounding villages, or relax on the terrace and enjoy the sun, until it begins to set over the mountain & eventually disappears into the sea.

When you venture into the centre of the village for groceries the shopkeepers will laugh with you as you try to differentiate between “panne” and “pane” (whipped cream and bread). You can play cards with the old men at the Bar Rubino or sit on the terrace with Gianni Peldi. Mostly though, you can live simply, quietly, at your own pace in a very real part of Italy that the tour guides and the text books have over-looked.

A reasonable level of fitness and sure-footedness will be necessary for an enjoyable stay in Baiardo. From the village centre up to our houses the paths, although newly cobbled, are steep. Houses 1 – 7 are located at the very highest point of the village, and the path between them and the terraces is very old and the steps are irregular. Within the houses, the stairs can be quite steep and in most cases without banisters.