Wedding day

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and thanks again for being part of organising such a special wedding day with us…it really was a dream come true!! Baiardo is quite a place and i feel a real affinity with the Abbey where we married…i love it!! No matter what, we will definitely be back there soon.

We are at Arrigo’s office in San Remo and he has very kindly let us use his computer so we thought we would send you some pics of the big day. It was a great day, we had a fantastic time, all went well, poor Arrigo and Shirley did a great job, had had some fantastic help from Rumina and Gianni too in the catering department.

Thanks to you for all your help in setting this all up, you have been of great assistance and we very much thank you for that. Pity you couldn’t be there on the day but hopefully you get the idea from looking at the picures. If you like I can burn you a disc of pics from the day and send it over when I get back to Oz. Thanks again, Baiardo is a wonderful place and we will definitely get back there again. Also one of the photos is the newspaper as were became famous as the first foreign couple married in the village!